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DDC Singapore remains the world's only leading consultancy firm with non-Anglo-Saxon roots in Singapore. We are European by origin, cosmopolitan by nature and global by ambition, including a strong footprint in Asia and other geographies where we believe we can truly make an impact.

We have always sought a different perspective in the field of consulting and business, and today we continue to constructively challenge standard thinking patterns and provide customers with new solutions.

Our entrepreneurial spirit has shaped our growth and fueled our extraordinary results since the early days of the company. In short, being a game changer is in our DNA. With over 30 years of continuous growth behind us, we are a significant player in global consulting and have successful operations in all major international markets.

Thanks to mutual trust and sustainable added value for our customers, we have become long-time consultants to leading international industrial and service companies, as well as public institutions around the world.

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