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We specialize in management, strategy, Innovation, and consulting. Japan offers a lot of business opportunities but can be as challenging as it can be rewarding. That is why choosing the right consulting firm is critical.

We do not believe in the “one-size suits all” paradigm. To us, each client is truly unique! We focus on personalized cross-border consulting services and Market Entry Support. No companies are alike, and we believe that the business models and market entry strategies must be unique. They should reflect your turnover goal and timeline constraints. In Japan, time has a different meaning. Rushing without carefully analysing the market environment, competition, and Japanese customers’ tastes is a sure way to fail. We rely on rigorous qualitative and quantitative analyses to provide you with the best odds to succeed.

With years of experience in Innovation, and International Business Development, we aim at providing high-quality analyses relying on our in-depth knowledge of the industries and understanding of Japan. Our team is global and so is our mindset. We are not just a management consulting firm, we always put ourselves in your shoes, are goal orientated, and are flexible enough to adapt to your needs, budgets, and requirements. Some firms rely on broad methodologies that will ultimately reveal themselves as useless and costly. At DDC Japan, we provide real answers, tangible value and always put the economic development of our clients first.

DDC Japan is your partner of choice when considering to enter, analysing the Japanese market and finding the right partners.

Contact us to discuss your analyses, market-entry, or management consulting needs.

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